ISOLATOR SW/1P/2.6-3+1.3


Who are we?

Micro Univers, S.L. is a well-established company with a large background in the cleanroom and sterile-room market. We can look back at a history which started 20 years ago, with a team whose experience in this area has been proved for longer than 28 years.

What services do we offer?

We offer complete tailor-made solutions, blending both high quality and pioneering cleanroom and sterile-room architecture thanks to our team’s large experience and market expertise. We offer an exhaustive follow-up of the project, from its early beginning to its final assembling, including the starting-up and servicing, if required by the customer.

Cleanroom Products

Closures, doors, windows, glass walls and a wide range of accessories. SAS, peroxide sanitizing cabinets, isolators, production software/hardware and much more. Cleanbubble isolator or detachable isolation and quarantine cabin. CBFFU or autonomous air filtration and purification systems.

Specialized clothing and other products

Sanitary products and equipment, operating rooms for operating rooms, clean rooms or sterile areas. Air filtration and purification equipment.



Our products are certified and approved to be installed by insurers such as: FM Global, CE, UL listed, SGS, SRI …